Smart Air Conditioning - Enjoy a New Level of Climate Control

Adapt your home to your idea of comfort with the right temperature in the right place at the right time. The all new AirTouch 4 is a smart air conditioning controller that is the fusion of comfort, energy efficiency, smart design and ease of use. AirTouch provides more than just cooling or heating but also becomes part of a lifestyle…an experience.

With optional Individual Temperature Control Technology, AirTouch4 monitors temperatures and smartly adjusts airflow as needed around your home. When some rooms get too hot or cold, AirTouch4 will adjust their airflow to maintain temperature, without wasting energy on rooms already comfortable

  • Heating & cooling for your entire home
  • Central temperature control system
  • Up to 16 separate air conditioned zones
  • Completely even air distribution
  • Quietest of air conditioning systems

Comfort & Efficiency - The Master of Smart Home Climate Control


Just say the word with smart integrations for voice control of the air conditioning: The new AirTouch 4 works with popular and open voice activated smart assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. So with whoever you choose to control your air conditioning, AirTouch will respond.

Global Control with a Newly Designed App

Enhance the capabilities of your AirTouch 4 with the free app for iOS or Android. All the controls, including individual zones, timers, favourites, temperature slider, mode and fan speed are replicated on the new AirTouch 4 app.

You can save energy by turning off the system remotely when you are away from home, but also make sure home is comfortable for you when you walk in the door by turning on the air conditioning before you leave work to head home.

Another great feature of the app is automated home temperature alerts. If home is getting a bit warm or cold, you can choose to receive temperature alerts reminding you to turn on the climate control before you set off home.

AirTouch 4 App Video

Turn on the air conditioning before you leave the beach this summer. With the AirTouch smartphone app, you can remotely control your home climate/air conditioner from anywhere. You can make sure the system is turned off so you don’t waste energy, or turn it on when you are heading home to be sure you arrive to a comfortable house.

Individual Temperature Control

Everyone is an individual. With AirTouch 4’s optional Individual Temperature Control (ITC) upgrade, you can have a different set point temperature in each room.

A Smart Home Hub

Enjoy Smart Home Living with AirTouch. As AirTouch doubles as an Android powered tablet, you can use it to run your choice of smart lighting, security and entertainment apps, or even order a meal while keeping up with the latest on social media.

Save money on the power bill. Without compromising on comfort. Only run the AC where you need it with Smart Zoning. Plus, with runtime tracking, energy and airflow management technology, you can be sure of greater efficiency and energy savings from your family’s air conditioner.

Control your comfort with MyAir

MyAir is a premium home air conditioning management system with up to 10 zones and individual room air flow control and a touchscreen that can double as a tablet.  MyAir is the only Advantage Air control system that will integrate with MyPlace, making home the ultimate comfort zone.

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