Energy Insights

See when you used your air conditioning more than you needed to, or learn what rooms get used the most.

Save Energy, Save Money

Built in smarts to help manage energy savings for you.

With AirTouch 5, you can review the energy you are using heating or cooling your home, and make more informed choices about using your home air conditioning more efficiently.

Try Energy Insights on the App or Console

On the AirTouch 5 App, you can review your air conditioning energy use the same as you can on the console, but you also get an AirTouch Energy Star Rating* to see how you may be able to run your air conditioning more efficiently.

Track Your Air Conditioning Energy Use

Usage by Zone
See which rooms you ran your air conditioning in the most to help identify wastage.

Track Usage by Mode

Visualise how you use your air conditioner with a simple graph. See if you use more energy cooling verses heating your home each season.

Track your Energy Use

Our graphs help you track your energy use air conditioning your home over a 24 hour, 7 day or monthly period.

See where you can save energy, and money on your home’s climate control. 

Get a Monthly Forecast

Estimate how much energy you might use for the month cooling or heating your home.

Track Feature Usage

See which smart features to help save energy air conditioning your home you are using the most.

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