Advantages of Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners in Winter

When in heating mode, reverse cycle air conditioners work in the opposite way to when they are in cooling mode. In basic terms, a refrigerant passes through an external coil to absorb heat from the outdoor air (even on the coldest mornings/nights). That refrigerant is then pumped through a compressor into the condenser (inside the building) and warm air is released. 

There are many benefits of reverse cycle air conditioners including:

  • Value for money – you get two systems in one. Cooling in summer and heating in winter
  • Save on Electricity – While a reverse cycle air conditioner may cost you more upfront, you will notice the savings on your electricity bill
  • Reduced risk of fires and burns as there is no element or flame
  • Improved Air Quality – Most split system air conditioners purify the air via a filter that traps airborne particles such as dust and other allergens
  • Better For The Environment – Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners produce only one-third the greenhouse gas emissions of standard electric heaters
  • Quiet operation
  • Long life span 

To ensure your system operates as efficiently as possible make sure your home is properly insulated, close curtains and blinds at night, address draughts coming in through doors and windows and close doors to rooms that aren’t being used.