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It is difficult when purchasing an air conditioning system and weighing up all the options of either a split system or ducted systems. Each type of system has its advantages and disadvantages. The trick to choosing the right system for you is finding out which one suits your budget and lifestyle the best.

  • A ducted system can cool your entire home via its network of ducts and outlets.
  • The ducts are hidden in the walls and ceilings and only discreet outlets are visible.
  • All you have to do is set the temperature on the control panel and your house is always the perfect temperature.
  • Zones are also available which gives you greater control over which rooms you want to air condition and when. Also now we can control all this via wi-fi control.
  • Ducted air conditioning systems are more expensive to buy and install, but their running costs can be offset this over time. Getting the right system and a qualified design from a qualified air conditioning company can help reduce running costs.



  • A split system is more affordable because you can add split systems as your budget allows.
  • If one unit requires repair, the others continue working and repair costs are lower.
  • Running costs are lower because split systems are used only when and where needed.

Are you renovating or building a new house, replacing an old air-conditioning unit or installing an air conditioning for the first time? It is very important that your new air conditioning unit meets your requirements, budget and blends in with its surroundings.

Heating and cooling professionals say that even if you do not suspect that your air conditioning unit has problems, you need to have it serviced and inspected at least once every year. This will ensure that it operates at maximum efficiency. It will be ready to cool the house in the months when you require it most.

As the air conditioning unit runs, it tends to accumulate dirt and dust in critical areas such as the air filters and the condensing coils. This can adversely affect its efficiency. The build-up of dirt and dust, if not checked, reduces your machine’s operating efficiency by 5 % or more. This means that your air conditioner cannot cool the house as efficiently as it should when clean.

As a homeowner, the best thing you can do for your air conditioning unit is clean your air filter regularly especially during the warmer months. Ideally, you should clean your filters at least once every 30 days.

Check your air filter and replace it if it looks worn.

It is inevitable when investing in an air condition system that is it super important to consider maintenance, running cost and the minimization of energy use.

Having your air conditioner professionally installed & maintained.

If the day is hot, turn the air conditioner on before the house gets the hottest part of the day.

Set the temperature from 25-27 degrees Celsius in summer. Check this after the air conditioner has been on for 30 minutes.

Ducted air conditioning uses a system of insulated pipes or ducts in your wall or ceiling cavity to circulate cool air around your home. Vents or grills are installed in the rooms you want air-conditioned, and a programmable control panel allows you to specify the temperature and when your system runs.

A number of factors contribute to the efficiency of a ducted air conditioning system, specifically the energy efficiency of the unit and the thermal efficiency of the ducting. If inferior ducting is used it simply loses precious heat or cool air as it travels around your home.

Zoning your house gives you the ability to turn on and off rooms/areas in your house so that they can independently heat or cool the parts of your house that you need.

Some ducted air conditioners have 8-10 different zones. You can save on cost of heating or cooling unused rooms in your home.  Zones allow individuals to choose whether they want the AC on or off in their particular space.

Don’t however fall into the trap of installing a smaller machine just because your system has zones installed. There’s nothing worse than finding you can’t turn on the kid’s bedrooms until you turn off the living room, simply because your machine is too small to run both

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Today, energy efficiency is the name of the game and modern central air conditioners run in cycles, slowly but steadily lowering the temperature of your house instead of rapidly.

  • If Your AC is Too Big– if you buy an air conditioner that is sized too big for your house, then it will run more like that AC that has been outdated for years and not energy efficient. The air conditioner will turn on quickly, cool your house rapidly and then shut off.  Your house will still be nice and cool but because it is not going through the entire cycle it was designed for the humidity will not be removed and heat will soon infiltrate your house and it will have to click on again.  It will begin cooling your house rapidly and then it will turn off again and again.  This constant on-off cycle will defeat the purpose of its energy efficient design and inability to save on costs
  • If Your AC is Too Small– if your air conditioner is sized too small, then it will run constantly and spend most of the day trying to catch up to where it should be. Again, your house will still be nice and cool but if the air conditioners are too small then they are made to work extra hard to cool the house rapidly, hence they will run constantly and again run up a huge  electric bill.
  • If Your AC is Sized Just Right– a properly sized air conditioner will run through the required amount of cycles to keep your house comfortable, but will not run so much that it loses its efficiency.

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