Transform your home into a haven

With summer here, there’s never been a better time to transform your home into a safer & comfortable haven.

What does it mean to be comfortable?

Often when we think about staying comfortable in summer, two things come to mind, heat and finding relief from it. But being comfortable goes beyond just temperature. It should include factors such as noise humidity and air quality.

Your haven should start by considering the factors below 


Temperature for best indoor comfort should be between 20-24°C


Noise levels should be below 30dbA to prevent sleep disruption


For optimal comfort, humidity should be between 30-50% RH

Air Quality

Indoor pollutants should be kept in check to minimise negative impacts to your health

Introducing Daikin Alira X; the key to transforming your home into a haven this summer.

The perfect blend of superior energy performance & indoor air quality technology

Alira X, Keep cool this summer without breaking the bank

No two products are the same and by understanding the energy rating labels that come with the air conditioner, we are empowered to make the right decision and not break the bank.

Generally when reading a label, the more stars you see, the more savings are to be had as the product will use less power to cool your home. But the stars can vary depending on which climate zone you live in, and it is important to select the right one for an accurate gauge on what a product will cost to run over a given year.

Simply multiplying your energy tariff by the expected energy usage shown on the label will give you a good idea of the yearly running cost. 




*2023 Average Tariff retrived from www.finder.com 10.10.23
Comparison data obtained through the Australian Government Energy Rating Calculator, make your comparison today at Energy Rating Calculator

A Sensitive Smart Choice

Approved by the National Asthma Council Australia, Daikin air purifiers and split systems are authorised to display the Sensitive Choice butterfly symbol. 

Choose a winner

Daikin was recently awarded Australia’s Most Trusted Brand for Air Conditioners! We’re proud that thousands of Australians put their trust in our brand!


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