Is a Split System air conditioner right for your home? 6 benefits to consider

It doesn’t matter which part of the country you live in; at some stage you will need to either heat or cool your home during the year. Split System air conditioning is a good option for year-round comfort, but is a split system air conditioner the right choice for your home?

Split system air conditioners are installed in two parts, an inside unit to distribute the air inside your room and an outside unit to draw in outside air, adjusting the air’s temperature to suit. Most split system air conditioners perform both heating and cooling functions, allowing you to use a single system to either cool down your house in the summer or warm it up in the winter.

There are many factors to consider when cooling or heating your home, especially ongoing running costs, ease of use and installation. Split Systems are designed to cool or heat small to medium spaces whilst providing a versatile and affordable air conditioning solution. But to decide if they are right for your home, let’s look at the six key benefits of a split system air conditioner.

Ease of installation

Compared to ducted air conditioning, a split system can be a lot simpler and cheaper to install, especially in homes with limited roof space. And if necessary, the costs can be spread out by installing one room at a time.

Cost efficiency

The capacity to individually control each air conditioner unit may result in savings on your electricity bill, with the ability to turn a single unit off when it isn’t required. Matching the capacity of the unit to the size of the space is also important; with split systems available between 2.0kw to 9.0kw, you can ensure the correct size unit will not be overworked or underutilised.

Quiet Operation

Noise affects comfort, and modern split systems units are designed with that in mind, ensuring they run as quiet as possible. Consider low noise mode options, which are useful when installed in bedrooms.

Individual Control

Each unit can be controlled individually and switched off if it is no longer needed. Whether you want cooling, heating, dry or to simply run the fan mode to circulate the air, each unit is operated separately, offering the best solution for each room.

Mix and match units to suit the room

With various design choices available, if you need to install more than one split system in your home, you can choose the right fit for each space – something stylish for the living room or quiet operation for the bedroom. Split systems are available in wall, floor, and ceiling mounted models.

Add Units as Your Family Grows

As your circumstances evolve, your air conditioning needs may also change. A considerable benefit of installing a Split System is that additional air conditioner units can easily be added in the future. For example, as working situations change, you may require a study set up in a room that was not previously used for long periods.

Mitsubishi Electric has an extensive range of Split System air conditioners, offering energy-efficient, reliable, state of the art technology.

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